Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back in the swing of things with art classes!

So my art classes started up again last week, but I've only just loaded the pictures to share....
We started with a little color theory playing with warm and cool colors and began with choosing three squares to create any design they wanted using warm colors......

And then they filled the remaining squares with cool colors, again playing with design and patterns.

For the second half of class, they traced 5 templates of hot air balloons in varying sizes and painted them with any colors/patterns of their choice.  I got so busy, I forgot to take any pictures!

For our next class, we'll be painting a background with water color resist clouds, gluing in the balloons and talking about perspective- how things that are farther away appear to be smaller while things that are closer seem bigger.....  Also, they'll doing sun faces emphasizing eyes, nose & lips and finishing with "any-color-but-blue" backgrounds; a little project I like to call "What Color is the Sky in Your World"
It's so good to be teaching again, I've really missed it!


craftattack said...

Lovely work with the kids, I bet you all enjoy it! I used to love teaching art at school. Have a great day, Valerie

Healing Woman said...

Teaching definitely can be rewarding, especially teaching young children. Your class looks so appreciative of what they are learning and I just know you are a wonderful teacher.

Kiki aka Victoria said... fabulous!!Great in action!! You are awesome Stephanie...sounds like such fun and such magic!! Enjoy!!
Wishing you a sparkling wkd ahead..and thanks for your lovely words!

Kristin Dudish said...

Your art classes look like lots of fun (for both you and the kids)! Hurray!

I love the way your August traveling sketchbook page turned out - I'll be interested to see how you decided to add your text :)


Regina said...

Love being able to see through the child's eye when it comes to art. What a wonderful way for you to bring out the artist in them Stephanie. You are such a blessing to those around you. SO happy that you are doing something you love so much.


Magpie said...

You are such a good teacher! (And brave!) The kids look like they are really enjoying themselves. Good for you for enriching their lives with art. I can see some creations I already like!

Jo Murray said...

LOVE to see children allowed to 'play'. Thank heavens there's no more 'old school' colouring between the lines. Great work!!!