Thursday, August 25, 2011

Week 2 of Art Classes- "Up, up and Awaaay......"

Sorry I'm belated in posting this (I know I also promised a garden update and that will be coming soon too, I swear ;))  In art class last week, we talked about all the different colors that the sky can come in and then each child chose a two color combo to paint a resist over white oil pastel clouds..... these turned out even more beautiful than I'd hoped- I loved them all! 
Then we talked about why things that are further away look smaller and things that are close seem bigger, I was so impressed that one of the kids knew the term before I'd told them; "depth of perception".  Once their backgrounds were dry, we glued the hot air balloons they made last week into place to end with a beautiful work of art!
 Lots and lots of clouds......


 Spraying water helps make the paint spread....

 Beautiful blue sky

  For our other project of the day, each child drew a sun with detailed facial features; eyes, nose and mouth.  To finish them, today they'll paint in wild and crazy background colors!
And then we'll begin our new project based on pets and inspired by Matisse.
It's gonna be a blast!


craftattack said...

Lovely theme and great to see kids being creative and learning how to paint! Valerie

Jo Murray said...

LOVE the work of children!!! If only we didn't lose this as we grew up.