Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Week Three of Art Class: Sorta Stained Glass Pets and more.....

For the third week of art class, the kids painted in their crazy backgrounds for "What Color's the Sky in YOUR World?"

and then began our next two new projects. 
We started by doing a few patterns in the sketchbooks and then filling in the letters of their names with assorted patterns....they colored in  the patterns using warm colors in oil pastels and watercolor. 

This Thursday, they'll finish by creating a background with rows of patterns in cool colors to show how warm colors create an illusion of "floating" in front of cool colors.

And, I've been promising to create a project where they could feature their pets- I LOVE the project where you create a stained glass effect using a black background, glue and chalk....don't have any good black paper?  Paint your own like we did- it's all about using what you've got ;)

I had them practice drawing pets- it had to be simple enough to trace with glue, then they drew their pets sitting on a rug with a patterned wall in the background.  We'll finish these also this Thursday, so be sure to check back in soon!
Have a great day,


Charlie said...

Oh looks like y'all are having fun! How awesome a teacher you are.

Healing Woman said...

You are making these classes such fun for the kids. I know they must love it. You have such creative ideas. Love the stained glass project.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a clever idea to have them make patterns in the letters of their names. You are a SUPER teacher. And I am looking forward to seeing how you make the stained glass pets.