Friday, October 26, 2012

Helloooo my Pretties........

Happy Friday!  Maybe next week, I'll actually get to say "Happy Paint Party Friday" once again, but I just don't think I'll have time to visit the 80 plus blogs at the party this week.  Fingers crossed for next week tho!  So while I have things baking for tomorrow's Farmer's Market, I grabbed a moment to take some snaps (as promised ;)) of my Halloween decorations.  I didn't do nearly as much this year as usual, but I did manage to get some of it out and about.
So grab a cuppa, sit back, and enjoy!

This is "Edith" (really, it has her name written on the back of her head!)  My Mom found her at the antiques market and gave her to me- she knows how nuts I am for Halloween!


usually, I'd have some tombstones tucked in, but they just didn't make it to the party this year.......

Not much to see here,but I wanted to share our front path which I've been widening (thanks Tara for the suggestions!) and transplanting dwarf mondo grass to, tho you probably can't see it for all the leaves!

Closer view of the pot above with a "beware" sign.....

 twice blooming iris- this guy was blooming on Christmas last year- I LOVE it!

Funny little bird dressed up with leaves

All Hallows Vignette.....
 witchy women, all banged up, but still FUN

And that's about it!  To be honest, I kept waiting for the kids to insist I put more stuff up, but they didn't so I didn't either ;)  Sometmes simple equals easy and easy equals a really good thing!
P.S. I'm also working on some art- I'll try to post again soon!


Magpie said...

Your house must be such fun to come to on Halloween! I adore your front door wreath, and Edith is the crowning glory!! You've spurred me on to get going with my decorating...I've been very remiss this year :(

artangel said...

All looks deliciously spooky and fun! I love your autumnal door wreath too, and your beautiful white iris x

Mary Walker Designs said...

Just the right amount of spookaliciousness!

Jaime Haney at said...

It all looks great Stephanie! My favorite is Edith on the door. Although I love it all.

I haven't put up my Halloween stuff this year and just don't feel like it this year for some reason. I think I'm the only one who appreciates my efforts anyway and I'm also the one who has to clean it all up. Since we live way out in the country, no one ever trick or treats here so the only people that see it is us. This is not like me at all, but I still enjoy seeing all the spookiness from others :) Thanks for sharing!

xx Jaime

Netty said...

wow your garden and house are full of spooky fun, love it, x