Monday, October 22, 2012

It's a Frida thing......

OK, I decided the only way I'm gonna get to blog today is if I steal 10 minutes out of my crazy morning.  Every day of every week lately seemed to be crammed full!  But, I am grateful that I've had a little bit of time to paint even if I haven't made time to blog about it!
You might remember that I mentioned wanting to devote a small canvas to Frida.  I did pages for Lisa's traveling journal based on Frida, and enjoyed it so much that I had to do a canvas of her too.  So heeeere's Frida:
I'm actually close to being finished- sorry I didn't manage to share the "in process" pictures this time.  I really, truly am working to get back to my regular bloggity routine!  I miss you guys!
Anyway, I need to soften the moonflowers and "de lime" the leaves, make them a tad more turquoise-y.  And I think I'll be pretty much done and ready to list Frida in my Etsy sop.  For anyone who's interested, the canvas is 6" x 6", will be priced at $69.00 and yes, it's hung on the diagonal.


Netty said...

Loving your take on Frida and hope you get a bit more painting time soon. Annette x

Scarlet said...

That Frida is paint her the way she painted herself, so you must really be in tune with the artist. Thanks for sharing.

Tracey Fletcher King said...

it already looks great and so with finishing touches it will look amazing... and hope you get back to blogging soon... you have been missed Sistah!!!!

Lisa DiNunzio said...

She is simply gorgeous, Stephanie. I love the shrine-feel to this painting and the creative diagonal hang. Moon flower of my favorites.

Jaime Haney at said...

OOoooOO! I just shared your Etsy post on FB. It looks fabulous Stephanie! I love the diagonal hang and moon flowers too! Must be something us "sistah's" have in commone ;)

xx Jaime
I moved my blog peoples

An'Angelia Thompson said...

She's great, Stephanie! I'm a bit of a Frida junkie so she put a smile on my face :o)