Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dragonfly Design Studios now Offering Art Lessons

Beginning in April, Stephanie Mealor Corder is offering semi-private art lessons from her home studio in Winnona Park.  Her program is based on teaching the elements of art through traditional techniques while encouraging imagination and creativity resulting in some beautiful art!  (To learn more about Stephanie, please see her profile on the left sidebar.)

Blind Contour Orchid The children did a line drawing of an orchid with oil pastels and then painted in the background
Spring Session Details:
  • 90 Minute Classes- Spanning 6 Weeks
  • each lesson period begins and ends with sketchbook art which includes imagination prompts, preliminary work and "free art"
  • a variety of watercolor techniques will be explored
  • Each child will produce 3 Quality Art Projects in the theme of "Spring"
  • Classes are $240 for the 6 weeks session (or $40 per week) payable in advance
  • Supplies are included in the fee
  • Classes are limited to 6 children per session with age range of 6-8
"Musical Art"  Art in the format of musical chairs- a fun way to warm up for the day!
    My art lessons are based on my training as a professional artist and 3 years of teaching 80+ children from pre-k to 12th grade.

    1. the Most important thing to me is to get the child excited about creating art- get that passion for creating in place, and the rest will follow
    2.I'm more interested in quality rather than quantity-
    all projects are done with top quality materials, designed to last- no fading construction paper here nor yet any Popsicle sticks either!
    3.The elements of art are as important to my projects as is exploring the magic of art- I love to hear the kids say, "Oooohhh"
        "In Your Face"  Do YOU see the faces?  These were profile portraits that the kids glued down to create the illusion of a vase.
    Classes begin in the Wednesday, April 13th lasting from 4:00- 5:30.  Sign up here by leaving a comment with your email written out- like this: stephaniemealorcorder at yahoo dot com to avoid any spam issues.
    I am SO excited about this!


    Kiki aka Victoria said...

    Congrats Stephanie...sounds wonderful and inspiring..shine on!!

    Magpie said...

    How exciting! I know you'll inspire so many kids to get interested in art. And give them hours of fun besides. Let us know how it goes!

    Mila said...

    Ciao Stephanie! I'm just come back from Vegas as there was "Creative Convention" of painting.
    What a great news, congratulations!
    Hugs & Smiles,
    Mila :)

    Lynn said...

    Wonderful news Stephanie, I am sure your art workshops will be a big hit :)
    Thank you for the visit, I have missed you too, but hope to keep up more now.

    Robin Norgren said...

    This is so GREAT Stephanie-way to go for opening your home to budding artists. It sounds like it will be a good time!

    artangel said...

    Oooh Stephanie how exciting! And gorgeous work you've posted here!

    Those kids are really lucky - I wish I'd had an art tutor like you to inspire me, when I was a little girl :)