Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Still having computer woes and a little more of my Zinnia......

Have you ever heard the saying about the shoemaker's wife going barefoot?  Well, my husband is an IT guy and I'm still without my computer 80% of the time.  I can usually sneak online for about 10-15 minutes before it freaks out and goes black screen on me.  Bill has tried several things to fix it but to no avail and now it's gone for long enough that it's kind of been put on the back burner.  I wouldn't mind so much, but my computer is the only one I can upload photos to which makes it hard for me to blog.....for now, I race on; upload my photos to my image software and then if I'm lucky enough to maintain a connection long enough to get on Picassa, load my pics there.  THEN, I'm able to blog from Bill's Think pad and use Picassa to add photos......arrrgh!  But at least I do have options even if they're a bit convoluted!
So, I just managed to get my pictures of my new painting onto Picassa- of course they're from Monday and I've done more painting since then....but still, it should be enough to at least give you an idea of where it's going.  My goal is to finish it in time to submit for this week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue.  The theme is St. Paddy's Day and what could be more appropriate than a green flower, I ask?
So here she is:
 Since taking these pictures, I've added more lime green and softened the back ground and the Ultra marine blue Salvia is well under way.  Hopefully, the next time I post about this, it will be DONE!
So long for now,


artbrat said...

Oh this is just beautiful already! I cant wait to see what the final painting looks like. I completely understand about the computer. My hubby is a software engineer and he's forever helping family/friends fix their puters, but when mine goes down its low on the priority list. I hope yours gets fixed soon and all the frustration will be gone.

Kim Mailhot said...

Oh that GrEEn! So beautiful !
Sorry about the comupter glitches ! They are so frustrating! My hubby is a sweet computer geek too which I so appreciate.
Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog. The feeling that I am connected to so many wonderful people who feel the same way as me is what I love most about blogging, I think !
Have a wonderful Thursday !

Luthien said...

oh dear ... my computer is dying on me too!! i just hope that i manage to backup everything on time!

the Zinnia took my breath away!! the GREEN!!! GOSH!!! the shadows are amazing! it's so perfect that it looks like a photo!