Thursday, September 8, 2011

Art me in the Garden...End Days of Summer- Early days of Fall

I finally had a chance to take pictures of the garden- it's either been raining or overcast or I was just too busy!  And to be truthful, at this time of year, there's not a whole lot going on- the garden is at one of those awkward "in-between" phases where there's still a few Summer flowers going and the Autumn beauties have buds but no blooms.....but I did get a few snaps to share.
this is an overview of the garden from our back door

this is the first year my twice blooming iris has done it's second bloom- I'm SUPER excited about this!

Waste not, want not- any over sized fallen branches usually become edging for my borders- LOVE the crookedy-crook-ness of this branch!

 detail of my shade garden- the hydrangeas are just starting to don their Autumnal burgundies and toad lilies are soon to bloom
I've planted a living wall at the entrance to the veggie garden with swamp sunflowers, in just a few weeks they will be glorious!

 Nasturtium and Echinacea- gifts that keep giving.....

 these roses will keep on blooming until the first freeze

side border of the front garden- sedums and swamp sunflowers take center stage

So, there you have it- an update to my garden.  Funny how blogging about it makes me love it even more!


Regina said...

WOW...I see where you get all of your inspiration from. Your garden is beautiful!!


craftattack said...

Your garden looks lovely, with a great variety of flowers and plants. My little balcony is waiting for its autumn make over now, too, the summer flowers are not so nice now! Valerie

priti.lisa said...

Pretty, pretty. My garden looks like a pond right now...and my basement???
You know I love your blue house and that iris is fantastico!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a glorious site and sight! Your back yard is a real delight. I also use fallen branches to curb a few plants, but my hostas have all turned yellow and never bloomed this year. I suspect it's because I didn't water the front yard garden and we only had one decent rain all summer. Your place is so elegant and beautiful. As always, I am totally impressed and can't wait to see the autumn garden. Your intense heat must be gone, too.

Felicia Kramer said...

It's gorgeous, even during the in-between season. Your garden looks a lot better than mine does right now! Since I wasn't able to work in the garden much because of my March surgery, everything's a mess out there. But boy do I have a list of projects for next spring!