Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finished the first session of Fall art classes.....almost time to move on to Halloween!

To wrap up this session of art classes, we finished our studies on leaf prints and then moved on to Autumn poetry paintings.......there are so many ways to make prints....we combined wet paint on dry paper, dry paint on wet paper and wet paint on dry paper and finished these by using the leaves a s a stencil to paint over and around....I LOVE the way these came out!

 painting the back of the leaves with thick tube water color paint- 
thank goodness for drop cloth table covers :D

Then finishing it off with a nice background color!
Here they are completed:

And here are the tops of their Autumn poetry paintings- the focus here was on the colors of Fall.....
For the bottom of their leaf poem paintings, they chose their favorite print techniques for the big finish!

 Two students chose water color resist with oil pastel leaf transfers- 
they colored the back of the leaf, then RUBBED it onto the paper.....
then painted over with liquid water colors

 And the last student chose to do more  of a drawing technique- first the outline of the leaf with veins drawn in and then paint- sorry it doesn't show up very well!

So that wraps up our Fall session of classes- next, we'll be doing Halloween; one of my favorites!!!


Dianne said...

Very cool! Love the resists! Looks like so much fun!

Healing Woman said...

You have some real budding artists here. Halloween should be fun with the students.

priti.lisa said...

All so beautiful...the poetry, perfect.
What a lucky group of children.
BTW Stephanie, I just now saw you new journal...what a brilliant idea to make key-dragonflies! I LOVE this journal! You are always so inspiring.

amy said...

this is neat - i ESPECially love the frottage with the leaves.
i need to fool around with some stuff like that today.


artangel said...

This looks like so much fun, and your students have produced some fabulous work! Are you SURE I'm too old for the class? ;)

Theresa said...

Juicy goodness! How fun for everyone! Love your PPF artwork too!
Have a great rest of your week.

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Oh my..these are ALL so powerful..magical and this..touched my nature- heart! Wonderfully wow...